Alushta aquarium


There are museum institutions frozen, motionless - they are said about them “quietly, like in a museum”. There are others where life boils, but their scientific and cognitive significance does not become less of this. Rather, on the contrary, visitors have the opportunity to touch curious phenomena with their own hands, to comprehend the diversity of the world in its variability. Such is the Aquarium in Alushta, known far beyond the Crimean peninsula.


Where is the Aquarium in Alushta located?

The attraction is located on one of the central city streets - Gorky, in the building of trolley ticket offices. Opposite is another interesting place - the park "Crimea in miniature." Across the road you can also go to the Watercolor Dolphinarium. A little northwest of the hotels are found "Cave" and "Moscow". It is noteworthy that there is a good Aquarium in Yevpatoria, you can familiarize yourself with it here.

The largest in Crimea

The local employees called the Alushta aquarium the largest on the South Coast as early as the year of its creation in 2003. Maybe then there was a bit of boasting in this statement, since it consisted of only one hall. But since then the situation has changed: the local collection is really impressive. Now there are four halls, and visitors can see not only marine fish of different seas and oceans, but also other aquatic inhabitants - crabs, crustaceans, turtles and crocodiles.

A large exposition of mollusk and coral shells is also presented. There are also living corals. The exhibition "World of the Jungle" is located in the same building and is a component of this attraction of Alushta. It was created by transforming the terrarium, introducing visitors to exotic animals and reptiles. Her visit is paid separately, but the orders here are the same as in the Aquarium - many animals are allowed to stroke, pick up and feed.

Crocodile pass

In its youth, the Aquarium has not yet been overgrown with legends, like the more ancient interesting places of Alushta. But the foundations for future legends have already been laid. So, we can say about crocodiles. Not every educational institution uses a crocodile sculpture as a road sign. The second figure of the awesome reptile is located at the entrance. Her smile is wide, but very toothy, and Cheburashka is not nearby. Employees of the Alushta Aquarium are also involved in the appearance at the resort of sculptural images of the Golden Fish and Sea Horse.

On the seas, on the waves ...!

Alushta aquarium allows for a short time to make an exciting journey through many reservoirs. In addition to the four halls, it has an outdoor pool, where sturgeons swim and crabs walk. You can also see samples of shells of marine mollusks, including the most exotic and unique calcareous skeletons of corals.

But live "exhibits" are much more interesting. The first hall represents the fauna of the Black and Azov Seas. In an almost natural environment, one can observe seahorses, prickly scorpions, stingrays, flat flounders, and even the Black Sea Katran sharks. Visitors are allowed to watch the feeding of fish, which is also an entertaining sight.

The second and third rooms are dedicated to the inhabitants of fresh water bodies of different countries. Here you can find piranhas (contrary to popular belief, not all of them are bloodthirsty), various catfishes and catfishes, elegant discus and cichlids. Freshwater turtles are also represented here.

The fourth division is the exotic of the southern seas. Bright clown fish, angelfish and dangerous predatory moray eel - here you can meet them all. There is also a huge sea turtle.

What else is interesting Alushta aquarium?

The jungle world will introduce guests to the small but very entertaining inhabitants of the southern forests (marmosets, noses) and many birds and reptiles. Many animals - under the supervision of a guide - can be picked up here.

There are a lot of crocodiles in the Alushta Aquarium, including small cubs. They and turtles can also be fed, but with special food and in compliance with safety precautions. But taking photos of animals and fish you like is completely free and in any quantity. You can take pictures with one of the inhabitants together, and also free of charge.

Guest reviews note the friendliness of the guides and the informativeness of the excursions. They are especially interesting for children who receive valuable scientific information and learn good through direct communication with wildlife. In the list of entertainment for children in Alushta, this attraction takes an important place.

The prices for visiting are quite high, but rare fish and animals need special food and conditions that you can’t organize cheaply. For children under 13 years old, discount tickets are provided, and those who are not older than 3 years old are allowed free of charge. For large excursion groups, the Aquarium Administration recommends that you arrange a visit in advance.

How to get to the aquarium?

St. Gorky connects the city bus station and the promenade of Alushta, going to its right side. By public transport, you can get to the Aquarium by bus No. 31 or No. 51 - you need to get off at the Trolleybus Ring stop.

Getting there by car or on foot is also easy - the distance is just a little over 1 km:

Tourist note

  • Address: Gorky street, 4, Alushta, Crimea, Russia.
  • Coordinates: 44 ° 40′16 ″ N (44.671077), 34 ° 24′40 ″ E (34.411227).
  • Phone: + 7-978-0000-745.
  • Official website:
  • Opening hours: from May to October - from 9:00 to 21:00, from November to April - from 9:00 to 19:00.
  • Prices for admission: for adults - 600 ₽, for children - 400 ₽.

The Aquarium in Alushta is an interesting and useful institution that actively promotes both knowledge in the field of biology of aquatic inhabitants and their protection. Both children and adults will enjoy his visit: the mysterious water world will not leave anyone indifferent! Do not believe? Then watch a video about this attraction.

Aquarium Development Path

The history of the famous aquarium began in 2003, when a team of ichthyologists, led by young scientist Viktor Zhilenko, organized an exhibition of fish that fit in one small room. The collection grew rapidly, replenished with new species. By 2005, it became the largest on the Crimean peninsula, and by 2007 - the largest in Ukraine.

The founders did not stop there, and a year later the exposition was supplemented with beautiful sea shells and corals.

Aquarium in Alushta today brings together animals from all parts of the world:

  • over 250 species of fish,
  • 5 varieties of crocodiles,
  • 10 rare breeds of turtles,
  • 8 subspecies of crab.

Good to know! In 2015, the World of the Jungle opened over the aquarium - an interesting exhibition of exotic animals, birds and reptiles. You don’t have to pay extra for her visit, inspection is carried out on a single ticket.

Aquarium journey

Four halls are available for visitors. In each of them you can immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the inhabitants of the deep sea.

Representatives of the fauna of the Black, Azov, Red Seas, Pacific, Indian, Atlantic oceans are cute neighbors, each living in his aquarium.

It is easy to find out what piranha looks like, get acquainted with rare species of turtles, observe moray eels and remember exotic exotic names of fish previously unknown. And also to see and even under the control of the guide feed the crocodiles. Crabs and shrimps, seahorses, ruffs and sturgeons live their usual lives, paying no attention to visitors. Traditionally, octopus, sea urchins and starfishes attract special attention of visitors.

Magnifying glasses will allow you to consider all the details and not to miss a single detail!

In aquariums, conditions are created that are as close as possible to the natural habitat. All animals feel comfortable, live in captivity for a long time and happily.

All aquariums have a detailed description of its inhabitants, and the tour is accompanied by a detailed interesting and informative story, which allows not only to admire the beauty of the unknown underwater world, but also significantly expand your horizons.

At the exhibition you can make memorable videos and make original photos with your favorite animals.

Visitor Information

Address: RF, Republic of Crimea, Alushta, st. Gorky, house 4

Contact phone: +7 (978) 729 01 61


  • May - October (high tourist season) - from 09-00 to 21-00,
  • November - April (low tourist season) - from 09-00 to 19-00,
  • cash desk closes 1 hour earlier.

Adults600 rub
Children over 13 years old600 rub
Children from 3 to 13 years old400 rub
Children under 3 years oldis free

How to get to the aquarium

A landmark building for tourists is the noticeable trolleybus ticket office building.

The stop next to the building is easily accessible by public transport.

  • trolleybuses No. 2, 31, 32, 53, 54 (to the stop Trolleybus station),
  • minibuses No. 5, 6, 8, 26 (to the stop of Gorky St.).

To get on foot or by car is also not difficult: you can use the map or ask for help from local residents, they will be happy to tell you the way.

A visit to the underwater world of Alushta aquarium will be interesting for both children and adults. Confirmation of this - positive reviews left by tourists after the tour, whose sincere emotions are difficult to fake!

About the unusual aquarium and its inhabitants

This attraction of Alushta is just over 10 years old. The story of origin began in 2003 with an exposition of fish in the Azov-Black Sea basin in a small hall with aquariums. The idea appealed to visitors, having received an impressive development: Alushta aquarium became the largest in 2005 on the southern coast of Crimea, and 10 years later it acquired four large rooms, where a huge number of marine and freshwater fish, crustaceans and amphibians from all over the world are represented.

The first hall is reserved for the diverse inhabitants of the Azov and Black Seas. Here, seahorses, dogs, cats and cows, amazing little dragons, sharks and many others, from small to large sizes of fish, scurry back and forth behind glass.

The second and third halls are fully devoted to demonstrations of the freshwater kingdom of the planet. Here you can see a lot of inhabitants inhabiting the rivers and lakes of the planet. These are fish of various sizes and behaviors, as well as turtles and crocodiles. Visitors to the aquarium can safely observe the behavior of bloodthirsty piranhas, get acquainted with the largest freshwater fish on the planet - arapaima gigas (in nature, individuals reach sizes over 9 meters), see the most toothy fish in the world - hydrosinus vitattus.

The fourth room gathered exotic fish from the basins of the Red Sea, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Inhabitants of aquariums amaze with colorful colors, unusual shapes and mesmerizing movements. This fish - sticks, and graceful lionfish, and shy triggerfish, starfish, hedgehogs, crabs, corals, reef sharks and sea turtles, as well as many other inhabitants.

The aquarium also has a unique museum of sea shells and corals collected in the waters of different seas and oceans. Interesting excursions are held in the halls and museum of the Alushta Aquarium. There is a water therapy salon here.

Prices in Alushta aquarium 2019

The following prices are set in the Aquarium:

  • from 3 to 13 years 400 rubles,
  • adults and children over 13 years old 600 rubles,
  • children under 3 years old are free.

When buying a ticket to the Aquarium, you can visit the Jungle World exhibition for free.

For a group of 10 people or more, you can book an excursion. At least three days before the scheduled visit, contact the Aquarium staff by phone +7 978 729 0161.

Aquarium in Alushta (video)

How to get to Alushta aquarium

The aquarium is located in the very center of Alushta at the address: Gorky Street, 4. Some people compare this building with a UFO plate. Since Soviet times, trolleybus ticket offices have been located here. The museum you need is on the second floor.

You can easily find this address if you are on the central promenade of Alushta. Trolleybuses number 2, 31, 32, 53 follow here from the city. You definitely won’t miss the necessary stop - it is the final stop for these routes.

View of the building of the Alushta aquarium - Google Maps panorama