Megeve - France's most aristocratic mountain resort


The French territorial-administrative unit is a department. One of them, Upper Savoy, is located in the eastern mountains of the country, in the Rhone - Alpine region. It is here, at a relatively small height for the mountainous region (1113m), a cozy town flaunts.

Due to this location, it is famous for its smooth, calm three ski areas, passing among the forest landscapes. Fans of steep slopes and difficult tracks can enjoy the nearby slopes of Chamonix, admiring the beauties of Mont Blanc.

A small village with an area of ​​44.1 km, at the height of the season it can accommodate up to 45,000 guests, with a population of 4,509 inhabitants.

The resort is located near Geneva Airport, about 75 km. Also at 12km. There is a Sallanches train station. A little further (180km.) Are the airports of Lyon and Grenoble.

Climate Megeve

The active ski season begins in late December, and lasts until the beginning of March. The slopes are well snowed during this period, due to their location in the semicircle of the mountains.

In relation to other resorts, the village is not high. The largest mountain point within it has a height of about 2400m. Hence the rapid warming, frequent rains and wet snow.

The average minimum temperatures from December to March are from -7 ° C to -3 ° C. The maximum this season can be from + 1 ° C to + 7 ° C. Summer temperatures usually do not rise above + 24 ° C.

Weather at the resort can always be found on the tourist sites and the official website of Megeve.

Historical background of Megeve

Since 1907, ski lovers began to explore the surrounding countryside. Four years later, amateur instructors were already giving their first lessons. In 1913, an information bureau for tourists (Office du Tourism) was opened in a French colony. It was then that the story of the transformation of a small village into a fashionable resort began.

The ski instructor, impressed by the mountain slopes of Megeve, recommends him as his eminent ward - Baroness Noemi de Rothschild. In 1916, she, together with Baron Moris de Rothschild, decided to find a worthy competitor to the famous ski resort of St. Moritz. A few years later, in 1921, the Savoy Alps purchased the first-class Palace Hotel du Mont d’Arbois.

He immediately became a favorite of the elite. The intelligentsia has chosen the spring-autumn period. The resort received Queen Elizabeth and the Belgian King Albert I, received the attention of Picasso, Jacques Cocteau, Modelany. A small station becomes a venue for cultural meetings, parties, various festivals. The town began to be called a suburb of Paris, despite the distance from the capital of 600 km.

And in winter, on the snowy slopes, the ski industry was actively developing. In 1932, the Paris Society of Skiers organized its first school and invited professional Austrian teachers. A year later, Charles Wiard will build the country's first cable car for ski lovers. Since the forties, Megeve has become the main training center for ski teachers. All the famous instructors of Europe gathered here.

Due to this popularity, the ski areas were in perfect condition according to the latest trends of that time. The Rochebrune track was awarded the Emil Allay Cup.

The Rothschild family tried to make the small village one of the first resorts for winter recreation and professional sports. Together with Chamonix, he is part of the Best of the Alps association, and is a member of the association of the best resorts of the French Alps (TOTFA).

Attractions in Megeve and nearby.

Savoy village, despite the wealth of modern buildings, carefully preserves the ancient atmosphere of comfort. The whole city can be walked in 10-15 minutes. It will pleasantly surprise with sophisticated architecture. Paved paths, a medieval monastery and tower, beautiful chapels, a 13th-century church give the town a special charm. There are no cars on the main street, there you can ride a horse-drawn carriage.

A variety of hotels and restaurants will pleasantly surprise any guest. The Chalet du Mont d Arbois and Anfan Terrible restaurants have earned the fame of the most sophisticated. Chef Emmanuel Reno will offer his signature dishes at Flocon le Cel. The rustic-style restaurant La Fermat de Mont Per has three Michelin stars You can have a quick and inexpensive meal at the Le Bar du Chamois cafe.

Four-star hotels with maximum comfort will provide leisure, and lovers of a quiet outdoor recreation, lovely chalets in the mountains are perfect.

The main attractions are on the snowy slopes of the Alps. Not far flaunts the world-famous Mont Blanc. There are three wonderful ski areas - Le Jay, Mont d'Arbois and Rochebrune-Cote, with a total length of 300 km.

After walking in the cold, you can bask in the thermal park of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, not far from the city. Hot mineral springs are located there.

Excursions from Megeve

The Upper Savoy region is very rich in interesting places. One of them is Lake Annecy (14.6 by 3.2 km). It ranks second in France in size. 82 meters deep, the lake formed 18 thousand years ago, during the melting of large glaciers of the Alps. From all sides the pond is surrounded by mountains. East De Bourne, with the peaks of Dan de Lanfon, Turnett and Mount Baron. On the western side and northern Annecy are framed by the slopes of God and Annecy, and from the south - the valley. Overflowing with water, the lake flows into mountain rivers. This place especially attracts lovers of extreme water sports and those who want to have fun in every possible way on the water.

The most visited among tourists remains the mountaineering center - "White Mountain". Mont Blanc is located on the Italian border. Under it stretched, for 11 kilometers, an automobile tunnel that connects Italy and France. This is the largest alpine mountain in Western Europe, with a height of 4810m. and 50km long. Climbing enthusiasts, along with an instructor, can try their hand at ice cascades. On the west side is the famous French ski resort of Chamonix.

In cloudless weather, people are invited to make an unforgettable flight through the Alps, with stops in Switzerland and Italy.

Interesting for guests will be the southern coast of Lake Geneva, at the foot of Chabelle. Here is a balneological resort - the city of Evian-les-Bains. It has considerable historical value, as it was the venue for important political meetings and international negotiations. In 1962, agreements were signed here to end the Algerian war. In 2003, the G8 was meeting.

Another significant place is the second of the deepest caves in the world Gouffre Mirolda (1733 m).

Connoisseurs of extraordinary charms of nature will be able to find in the Savoy mountains many useful and unforgettable.

Places for entertainment and shopping in Megeve

The resort is appreciated for its varied skiing program. You can safely go here, not owning this sport at all. Experienced instructors will quickly and efficiently introduce you to the art of skiing. The tracks are correctly marked, smooth, wide.

This place is ideal for families. There are five clubs for children, two kindergartens, and a ski school. Who does not like skiing, you can walk on a special route, ride a sleigh, harnessed by horses or dog sledding.

An unforgettable experience will be left by a balloon flight and a wonderful sightseeing tour by helicopter. There is an ice rink in the center of the resort.

You can relax in the Sports Palace. Here you will find children's and adult swimming pools with a diving board, a sauna. Feel the delights of a Turkish bath. Work out in the fitness center, gymnasium, indoor tennis court, climbing wall, Olympic ice rink, dance hall.

In addition, the city has three cinemas, a beauty salon, a bowling center, an air club, a huge library and two museums.

In a separate chapter you can talk about the variety of shops in Megeve. All Parisian brands can be purchased in the boutiques of the town. There are about 200 of them. Arman Allar, a well-known founder of the brand, decided to sell his products only here, at home. In addition to designer stores, shopping lovers will find antique shops, art and jewelry galleries here.

The nightlife of the resort does not lag behind in brightness and diversity. According to local residents, here is the best jazz club in the country - Club de Jazz Le Saint-Roux.

The youth club "Palace Cafe" is always noisy and active. Anyone over forty can visit Le Cave de Megeve.

And many more night bars, clubs, casinos and discos will not let you get bored in the evenings.


The ancient Savoyard town of Megeve welcomes guests with genuine aristocratic flavor. The historical core of the city is formed by medieval buildings, stands on the main square Church of St. John the Baptist (XIII century.). In the framework of the campaign “Megeve without cars” the center of the town is free from cars - you can ride here only on horse-drawn carts.

Many tourists call this resort a "winter fairy tale." There are convenient slopes, well-groomed snow-covered tracks, ski areas are protected from the wind by trees. Megeve is located near Mont Blanc. Near the town there are three ski areas: Rochebrune (Rochebrune), Cat 2000 (La cote 2000), Mont d’Arbois (Mont d`Arbois), Jayet (Le Jaillet), Prenessess (La Princesse). The total length of the ski slopes of these three areas, which make up the huge Evasion ski area, is about 450 km. They are served by 113 lifts.

Areas Mont Joly and Mont Joux Skiers of the highest level choose - there are the most difficult steep slopes. Highways Jaillet, Mont d’Arbois and Combloux optimal for the average level. For beginners, there are trails near the town. There are also slopes suitable for beginners in the upper three areas.

75 kilometers is the total length of the Megeve plain ski routes. For snowboarders, a fan park with sound effects is equipped here. Ski schools are created for absolutely all categories of athletes.

For vacationers, a wide selection of entertainment is provided. The resort has a lot of fun for kids and teenagers: there are five mini-clubs for children, there is an outdoor warm pool, a children's bowling alley, toboggan on the water, dog teams, slides.


Vacationers are invited to the Sports Palace with fitness rooms, a large indoor ice rink, pools, bowling. The whole family can go to the cinema and theater, the art gallery or the local museum of local lore (Musee de Megeve).

Resort life is rich in sporting events. In January you can watch Big Odyssey (dog carriage races). In late January and February, stages of prestigious spectacular competitions are held. Polo masters (horse polo in the snow).

Megeve Jazz Club De Sank Ryu known throughout France (5 Rues is considered the best jazz club in the country). Musical evenings and concerts take place in Megeve throughout the season. In the evenings, the doors of clubs and discos open.

In Megeve, there are more than eighty restaurants for any budget. Among them there are several institutions repeatedly awarded with Michelin stars.

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Megeve tracks

The coolest and most difficult slopes are offered by the Mont Joly and Mont Joux districts. There are “black” and “red” slopes in Cote 2000, but they are not very long.

For mid-level skiers, the slopes in Mont d'Arbois are suitable, the slopes served by the Grand Vorasse ski lift are also interesting. More difficult routes - in the areas of Combloux and Le Jaillet. The Megeve is ideal for beginners, as well as lovers of soft, "comfortable" skiing. Trails are both below near the town, and above - in all three areas.

For snowboarders, the Mont Joux area in the Mont d’Arbois ski area is suitable. The best tracks are in the Le Jayet - Combloux zone, and in the Rochebrune - Cote-2000 zone, the Pist de Fentin border track has been opened.

  • The slopes of Megeve

Description of the Megeve resort

As Megeve's regulars say, winter sports at the resort feel like a royal, and the inhabitants of the village have the true art of real French life!

  • Altitude difference in Megeve - 1113 - 2226 m
  • Hiking trails - 50 km
  • Number of lifts - 117
  • Total length of ski runs - 445 km
  • The length of the longest descent is 3.6 km
  • Cross-country skiing trails - 43 km
  • Sled tracks (toboggan) - 2 pcs. 520 m each

About 4,500 people live in the town, while the number of places in hotels for tourists exceeds 44 thousand! The ski resort has 82 restaurants, 200 shops and boutiques, many spa and wellness centers.

The quality of the ski slopes and the accompanying service is evidenced by an important fact: Megeve is a member of the prestigious group of ski resorts "Best in the Alps", which unites 12 European ski centers (St. Moritz, Kitzbühel (see the Bavarian Alps of Germany and Austria), Chamonix, Davos, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Seefeld, Zermatt, Lech (Lech Zürs am Arlberg), Cortina d'Ampezzo, Grindelwald and St. Anton (St. Anton am Arlberg). They provide exceptional service to tourists throughout the year.

Ski areas Megeve

  • Roshbrune (Rochebrune, 1754 m) - 49 pistes, 20 lifts
  • Mont D "Arbois - Megeve (Mont D'arbois (1840 m) - Megev) - 11 lifts, 27 runs
  • Jaillet - Port du Mont Blanc (Jaillet (1580 m) - Portes du Mont Blanc) - 8 lifts, 22 slopes
  • Combloux (1757 m) - 8 lifts, 30 runs
  • Zhieta (Giettaz, 1930 m) - 7 lifts, 28 runs
  • Cote 2000 (Côte 2000, 2014 m) - 1 ski lift, 1 piste
Number of lifts: 78
  • large cabins - 3
  • small-sized cabins - 5
  • chair - 28
  • drag towers - 42

The amazing location of Megeve - in the heart of the ski area of ​​the Alpine peaks of Mont Blanc has become a favorable factor for the development of skiing and tourism, it is called Eldorado for skiers and snowboarders, for curious tourists and lovers of the primeval nature, for those who crave peace and relaxation.

From Megeve, taking the bus, you can go to Geneva (about 1.5 hours drive), or go straight to Chamonix to wander through its small streets full of charm, admire the Mont Blanc peak - the highest peak in the Alps and Europe. Another beautiful town nearby is Annecy, which is called the Venice Alps. It is worth a look at the famous Annecy markets, and in your free time take a walk along the picturesque streets decorated with endless flower balconies.

How to get to the Megeve ski resort

Nearest international airports to Megeve:

  1. Geneva (87 km from Megeve)
  2. Saint Exupery, Lyon (170 km)
  3. Chambery (95 km)
  4. Grenoble (160 km)

Next, you should use the services of local airlines that make flights to Megeve Airport. For example, from Geneva such a flight lasts 1 hour. In time, a flight to the resort from Moscow will take about 6 hours.

To Megeve by bus

Every 2 hours, a comfortable Starshipper service bus runs from Geneva, the capital of Switzerland (tel. 04 56 12 40 59), bringing skiers to the foot of Mont Blanc and to Megeve. Travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes. Ticket price - 10 euros. Opening hours - from December 14 to April 30.

SAT Regular Bus Lines (tel.04 50 21 25 18) provide transport links with all settlements of Upper Savoy, including: Combloux, Sallanches, Saint-Gervais, Le Fayet, Megeve and Chamonix. SAT also offers its visitors a wide selection of guided bus tours, the best way to get acquainted with the history and culture of the alpine region of France.

Direct SAT flights to Megeve (daily, 4 times / day, round trip):

  • Route 82: Chamonix - Le Fayet - Megeve - Praz
  • Route 83: Sallanches - Combloux - Megève - Praz sur Arly

Megeve is a distinctive alpine town that has managed to maintain its individuality and has a range of services that can ensure a premium class vacation!