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Windsor - A small town near London, which houses the summer residence of the British monarchs - the ancient Windsor Castle. The name of the city comes from the old English expression "Windles-ore", which means "winding coast."

Many famous writers wrote about Windsor. Suffice it to recall the famous comedy by William Shakespeare "Windsor Mockers." Today, the old part of the city blocks is occupied by buildings of the XIX century. In addition to the castle and the park, in the city you can see the old Town Hall, as well as the Rooked House of Windsor. This unusual two-story building is spoken of in the famous poem by Korney Chukovsky, “Crouched Song”, written based on popular English songs.

Basic moments

Windsor is small in size, about 29 thousand people live here. Most of the locals serve tourists, because a lot of travelers come to look at the most ancient residence of British kings. The city experiences a particularly large influx of guests in July and August.

Travel to Windsor will appeal to fans of provincial England. This is a wonderful place for walking after the bustle of the English capital. Spacious meadows surround the old streets, and an ancient castle rises above the buildings. Arriving here, travelers can not only take a tour of the castle and park, but also take part in a river cruise on the Thames.

Windsor has long been the "family nest" of the English dynasty, so the holidays and other public events held here always have a special status. In May, the popular Royal Horse Show takes place in Windsor, and in June the city residents host a prestigious social event - Ascot Horse Racing, the history of which dates back to the 18th century. In the same month, a garter ceremony of the Garter is held in the castle.

Windsor City History

The first mention of the Thames settlement dates back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, and the history of the royal castle dates back to the 11th century. In 1172, a stone bridge over the river appeared in Windsor, thanks to which the city was connected with Eaton.

Windsor in 1895

From the very beginning, Windsor had a privileged position among other British cities. They didn’t take taxes from its inhabitants, and from the 13th century, Windsor acquired its own trading guild, which was patronized by the English monarchs.

In the Middle Ages, Windsor was one of England's 50 most prosperous urban settlements. Around the residence of the kings there has always been work for jewelry dealers, tailors, winemakers, grocers and haberdashery. In addition, many of the residents were constantly engaged in construction work to modernize Windsor Castle.

Since the XV century, the city has become a place of pilgrimage. Travelers from London and other places of the country came here who wanted to visit the graves of the English kings. Windsor's urban development expanded significantly after the Reformation period.

Windsor Castle and Park

The main thing for which tourists come to the city is Windsor Castle, in which the Queen of England lives every summer. Members of the royal family spend winter time in London's Buckingham Palace.

Castle and park view

Windsor Castle is considered the largest residential building in the world, preserved from the Middle Ages. Despite the fact that the queen lives here, the ancient castle is open for tourists all year round. Access to it is stopped only for a few holidays and for royal receptions.

During a tour of Windsor Castle, you can visit the public reception room and the royal chambers, see many old tapestries and enjoy the canvases of the great painters. In addition, guests of the castle traditionally visit the tomb of the English monarchs, located in the chapel of St. George.

The price of a ticket to visit Windsor Castle includes the use of an audio guide. There are also audio guides in Russian. If you follow their recommendations, a tour of the historical sites is the most complete.

Not far from the castle lies the Great Windsor Park, covering an area of ​​1943 hectares. Walking paths are laid through the green zone, and 14 hectares of land are reserved for the luxurious Botanical Garden. They walk in the park on foot, on a bicycle and on horseback. Here you can have a wonderful rest and have a small picnic.

Street by the wall of Windsor Castle

The Old Windsor Town Hall is located in the center of High Street. The town hall building appeared in Windsor in 1687. In addition to architecture, it is notable for the fact that there was an official marriage ceremony for the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Camille Parker Bowles.

Photo Studio Victorian Portrait

Not far from Windsor Castle, on George V Street, 2A, there is a curious photo studio. It is very popular with tourists, because here for only $ 5 they make portraits in a golden frame. The peculiarity is that before photographing, travelers put on Victorian costumes.

Men are offered the uniform of an 18th century British guardsman or civilian costume similar to the clothes of Sherlock Holmes. And women can try on the lace dresses of the English lady, choosing as an accessory an intricate hat with feathers, thin gloves and a graceful umbrella. Visitors are photographed against the backdrop of a scenery depicting a typical English estate.

At 3 km from Windsor is located the entertainment park "Legoland", which is considered one of the best theme parks in the country. It covers an area of ​​60 hectares and is decorated in the tradition of popular Lego designers. The park, designed for children 2-12 years old, has built about 50 attractions: carousels, roller coasters, interactive models, labyrinths, water activities and games.

There are mini-copies of the most popular architectural monuments in Europe, as well as celebrity figures constructed from lego elements. In the magic theater of Legoland they teach different tricks, and in Baloon School they teach to travel in balloons. A special bus leaves every half hour from the center of Windsor, from the Thames Street stop to the theme park.

How to get there

Windsor stands on the right bank of the Thames in Berkshire. From London, or rather its suburb of Charing Cross, the city is 34 km west of the city, and 10 km from Heathrow Airport. You can get to Windsor by trains departing from London Paddington and Waterloo stations, near which are the London Underground stations of the same name.

From Waterloo Station, they get to Windsor without change. Trains run for about 50 minutes and arrive at Windsor & Eton Riverside Station, which is built directly beneath Windsor Castle. From Paddington Station, transfer with a change in Slough. In this case, the road to Windsor takes from 30 to 45 minutes. Trains arrive at Windsor & Eton Central Station, which is located near the entrance to the old Windsor Castle.

Windsor can also be reached by car or bus. Regular buses run from the Greenline Service stop at London Victoria Station, as well as from Heathrow Airport.

Interesting places Windsor (Windsor)

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Market Square

The market square in Windsor is an indoor market focused on the products of local farmers and positioning itself as a “bio-market”.

Buyers are invited to buy meat, cheese, pasta and bakery products, fish and seafood. In addition to shopping for products, you can visit one of the five restaurants.

In the square you can find truly unique products or delicacies from private companies, such as Far Flung Foods, which offers cheeses, coffee, sauces, spices, jams, crackers, tea and much more.

The market square is open daily.

Manor center Willistead

Manor-center Willistead is a wonderful place for receptions, celebrations, seminars, meetings, special events, photo shoots and much more. Each room of the estate has a unique design and is ideal for accommodating groups of 10 to 120 people.

Qualified staff can assist in planning, as well as provide all sorts of details to ensure any event. Manor Willistead has a professional audio and video equipment, special equipment for conferences.

At guests' disposal are North and East galleries, a spacious dining room, a cozy library, excellent billiard room, modern rooms, a luxurious garden and park.

These spaces are intended for receptions, dinners, dances, seminars, meetings, elegant parties, wedding ceremonies and other celebrations.

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Park jackson

Jackson Park occupies an area of ​​500 acres south of the city of Windsor and is one of the most popular parks in Ontario.

Jackson has many war memorials, as well as several thousand rare plants. Jackson Park was named for President Andrew Jackson and is supported by the city administration. The most famous memorials in the park are monuments dedicated to World War II and the Korean War.

More than ten thousand plants grow in the park, many of which are located in Sunken Gardens. Every year in Jackson there is a greening of the territory, ennobled monuments and make updates to memorials.

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Canadian club "Brand Center"

The club is a place of historical significance. It is located in a remarkable building, which was built at the very end of the 19th century on the model of the 16th century Florentine palace. Aged in the Italian style, it is considered one of the best examples of such architecture in North America. The elegant terracotta-colored building is decorated with bronze gates and lanterns. Inside, there are many mahogany and marble finishes. Together with the club in the building is the main office of the company H. Walker and Sons, which is known to all connoisseurs of whiskey.

A visit to the brand center is included in many travel programs. During the time allotted to visit the club, you can learn about the Walker family's path to success, their friendly and business relations with famous people, and, of course, the production of whiskey itself, which is also offered to be tasted.

At the brand center there is a store where at a reasonable price you can buy rare varieties of whiskey and related souvenirs.

Gardens Dieppe

The beautiful Dieppe Gardens adorn the city of Windsor, located on the banks of the Detroit River.

The gardens include massive thickets of rose bushes and are named after the soldiers who died in 1942 when landing in Dieppe. Periodically, new monuments appear in the garden, testifying to those who died during the performance of official duties.

Year-round Dieppe gardens attract a large number of visitors, are used as a place for celebrations, relaxation and a picturesque place for a walk, especially during the flowering of rose bushes.

Every June and July, a two-week Freedom Festival is held in the gardens, which is attended by 600 to 800 thousand guests from all over the country.

Coventry Gardens

Coventry Gardens is a city tourist attraction located on the Detroit Riverfront.

The gardens were founded as a place of relaxation and rest, and in addition - as a place of national pride. Inside the gardens is the world's only Floating Fountain, which can create a stream of water 70 feet high. The constantly changing colors of the fountain jets invariably delight viewers and photographers.

Various shrubs and flowers are presented in the garden, the place is popular among wedding processions - due to the picturesque nature of the garden, many photo shoots are held here.

There are benches and tables for picnics, equipped fishing spots. The garden includes an ice cream parlor and offers a large parking lot.

The garden periodically hosts concerts and other events during the warm season, which constantly attracts thousands of visitors.

Shopping mall Devonshire Mall

The Devonshire Mall is Windsor's largest mall with the best selection of retail stores and boutiques.

The shopping center has been operating for over forty years and has been offering customers a wide variety of clothes and shoes for men and women, home furnishings, gifts, electronics, jewelry, books, stationery and much more.

On the territory of the shopping complex there are branches of banks and currency exchange service centers, small kiosks with sweets, various restaurants and coffee houses, and even GoodLife fitness club.

Windsor Art Gallery

The Windsor Art Gallery collects, stores and makes available to the general public works of Canadian art.

In the gallery you can see copies created by local regional and national artists.

The gallery began its work in 1943 and currently has more than 4000 exhibits. New works annually replenish the gallery collection. Most of the exhibits were donated by the artists themselves or collectors.

The oldest exhibit in the collection is an English tapestry, whose age is more than 300 years.

The gallery does not exhibit all the available paintings at the same time, on the contrary, the works of the masters are combined by subject, genre, epoch and issued “dosed” so that art lovers can appreciate the fruits of creativity.

Like other galleries, the Windsor art gallery is host to a number of touring exhibitions and shows, allowing you to get acquainted with previously unknown works of art.

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