Skyscraper pirelli


Pirelli Tower - the famous Italian skyscraper and one of the tallest buildings in the country. Pirelli Tower is located in Milan, near the city center. This skyscraper invariably attracts the views of tourists with its size and beautiful architecture.

The construction of this skyscraper was initiated by the Pirelli concern in the early fifties of the twentieth century. The designer of the new headquarters of the company was the famous Italian designer and architect Giovanni Ponti. Under his leadership, the tower was built for four years, and in 1960 the building was completed. The height of the skyscraper was 127 meters - this is exactly 32 floors reserved for offices and utility rooms.

Today, the Pirelli tower is one of the most recognizable symbols of Milan. This photogenic skyscraper is often shown in films and television programs, and many tourists come to watch it daily.

Location: Piazza Duca D'Aosta, Milan, Italy

Coordinates: N 45.48462600, east 9.20097400

Photo and description

Skyscraper Pirelli, also known as Pirellone, is a 32-story building in Milan with a height of more than 124 meters. The base area of ​​the skyscraper is 1900 square meters. m. For its construction was used about 30 thousand cubic meters of concrete. The weight of the building is about 70 thousand tons.

Pirelli skyscraper is characterized by a clear design, smooth translucent facades and slightly sloping sides, like the bow of a ship. At one time, it was one of the first skyscrapers, which, with its design, defied traditional building standards. And until recently, it was also the tallest building in Italy. Architectural historian Hassan Khan called Pirelli "one of the most elegant high-rise buildings in the world and one of the few in Europe that went down in the history of the construction of skyscrapers." It was the Pirelli tower that was taken as the basis for the construction of the Metlife Building in New York and the Alpha Tower in Birmingham.

In 1950, Alberto Pirelli, president of Pirelli, decided to build a skyscraper on the spot where in the 19th century the first automobile tire factory owned by the family was located. The architect Joe Ponti worked on the building project. The construction of the skyscraper began in 1956, the year Italy was experiencing an economic boom. It was assumed that the tower of Pirelli will be surrounded by lower buildings located in the shape of a pentagon. After the construction was completed, the skyscraper became a symbol not only of Milan, but also of the entire Italian economy. With a height of 124 meters, it was the tallest building in the country. In 1978, the skyscraper was sold to the administration of the Lombardy region, and until 2010, it housed the headquarters of the regional government.

On April 18, 2002, in the afternoon, a small Rockwell Commander 112 aircraft, registered in Switzerland, crashed into a building. The plane probably flew from Locarno to Milan when it ran out of fuel. Linate Airport was preparing to urgently take the plane to avoid a catastrophe, but suddenly the pilot stepped aside and headed straight for the skyscraper. A pilot and two passengers died on the spot.

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Pirelli Tower (Grattacielo Pirelli), a 32-story skyscraper built by the eponymous automobile tire manufacturer, is a notable symbol of today's Milan. The building is decorated with glass mosaics and a hinged facade of glass and aluminum, was built in 1955-1959 by architects Joe Ponti and Pierre Luigi Nervi. The building has a futuristic look inside - its rubber floors made of rubber manufactured by Pirelli are painted in “fantastic yellow color”.

The hexagonal skyscraper has a base length of 60 meters and a width of 18 meters, the height of the structure reaches 127 meters, which is 20 meters higher than the highest spire of the Duomo Cathedral, crowned with a statue of the Madonna. And Milan buildings should not rise above the patron saint according to an old decree of the city authorities. The Pirelli skyscraper got out of the situation by placing on its roof an exact copy of the Madonna from the Duomo spire, but not of the authorities, and fate itself was unfavorable to the tower - in 2002 a private plane crashed into it.