Attractions Shenzhen


Shenzhen is a large resort city in China, located in the south of the country in the province of Guangdong, next to the famous Hong Kong. This is a relatively young and most actively developing metropolis of the Celestial Empire. In the world it is called an economic miracle and is the largest center for the manufacture of electrical products. Its population is growing exponentially and over the past 30 years from 30 thousand has reached almost 12 million people.

Geographical location and climate

Shenzhen was built on the shores of the South China Sea, at the mouth of the Pearl River. On the north side, it borders with the capital of the province of Guangzhou, and on the south, in the Shekou district, with the legendary Hong Kong. According to various sources, its territory covers an area of ​​more than 2 thousand square meters. km

The city lies in a subtropical climate zone with hot and humid air. Winter is mild with moderate rainfall, frosts are quite rare. For the period from spring to autumn, the rainy season takes place, and during the summer months strong monsoon winds blow. Sometimes destructive typhoons fly from the east to Shenzhen.

The most favorable time for a walk around the metropolis is October-January. During this period, not hot, dry weather prevails here, which resembles “Indian summer” for our tourists. In winter, the thermometer shows an average of +14 - 18 ° С, in spring days - +19 - 27 ° С, in summer - +28 - 32 ° С, in autumn the temperature is in the range +20 - 27 ° С.

Shenzhen Attractions

Since the city is young, there are no historical sights in it, but those that were originally destroyed. Today, travelers are offered quality renovations or completely new options for ancient buildings.

Shenzhen is a high-tech metropolis built up with skyscrapers. This is one of the most favorable cities for life. It is implemented according to a modern project, which includes huge park areas, recreation and entertainment areas. Unlike neighboring Hong Kong, the skyscrapers here do not press on the head and do not create the sensation of a stone jungle, but on the contrary, they are harmoniously and freely entered into the green landscape.

Artists Village

In Shenzhen, one of the most interesting places in terms of art is located - the unusual village of Dafen. On its territory live and create young Chinese masters of painting, who come here from all over China. Initially, only reproductions of famous world artists were made here, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Rembrandt and others. Today it’s a whole art gallery, offering to buy hundreds of paintings from all kinds of craftsmen for every taste and budget. There is also a city art museum in the village, admission to which is free. You can come here by metro, reaching the station of the same name "Dafen".

Nantou Old Town

This attraction is located in the urban area of ​​Nanshan. It was built many centuries ago. Its territory preserves several iconic historical monuments of the times of the imperial dynasties of Qing and Ming, including the front gate, the Guan Yu Temple, the opium incense burner, the residence of officials and others. At the foot of the fortress there is a large museum dedicated to the old city, the exhibits of which tell the history of the development of Shenzhen.

Fort Chivan

This is an ancient fortress, which to this day has been preserved in the form of a single wall fragment. During the battles in the Opium Wars, it was almost completely destroyed by British troops. Once a gigantic structure, located in the coastal zone near Shenzhen.

Tianhou Temple

This religious building was built during the reign of the imperial Ming Dynasty and is dedicated to the Chinese goddess of the sea. During a severe storm, the navy of the then state managed to escape, and a temple was erected in honor of this event. Today, the territory houses a historical museum and an active sanctuary.

Tomb of Emperor Yoon Song Gene

According to historical data, the ruler of the imperial Song dynasty, who was killed at the end of the 13th century, is buried in the burial complex. For a long time, the tomb was in an abandoned state, but has recently been completely renovated and is now open to the public.

Dapan Fortress

The fortification has been perfectly preserved by now. It was erected in the second half of the 14th century under the rule of the Qing Dynasty, with the aim of refuge and protection from raids by British troops and Japanese pirates. Thick walls, massive gates, the commandant’s house - all this looks very majestic and beautiful. Here you can make a couple of impressive photos in memory of China.

According to many travelers, the main attraction of Shenzhen are its shops and shopping malls. The modern metropolis is a giant of industry, here you can buy almost everything at the most interesting prices. It is conditionally divided into several commercial zones, in each of which certain groups of goods are represented:

  • global brands can be seen at the International Commercial Market and Xiwu Department Store,
  • electronics and gadgets are selected in shopping malls between SEG Electronics Co and the Shanghai hotel,
  • Textiles are presented nearby the main train station.

The area of ​​Lungan with its Sea of ​​Gifts Street, where the largest selection of dried seafood is, is very popular. In the Old Center of Shenzhen, all kinds of shops are very close to each other, offering goods for every taste and budget. This city is a paradise for shopaholics and lovers of everything interesting.

How to get there

The easiest way to come to the metropolis is to get to adjacent Hong Kong. Arriving at the airport of the former British colony, they go to Shenzhen as follows:

  • by taxi to the Lok Ma Chau / Huanggang border checkpoint,
  • on a regular bus, which runs under the number A43,
  • by ferry - the melt means goes from the pier of the Hong Kong airport,
  • by direct bus,
  • using the metro to the Lo Wu stop in Shenzhen (China).

Which option would you not take? You will have to go through border and passport control once or twice.

When low airfare

Take advantage of various sites with monitoring the price of airline tickets. One of the most famous is Avisales. There you will find flights to a metropolis with more than 2500 cities in the world. Flights are popular in April, October and November - therefore, prices soar during this period. February, June and August are considered the low season. Flights to Shenzhen are operated by 22 airlines in the world. From Moscow, get ready to give a little more than 30 thousand rubles to the road, and from St. Petersburg - from 33 thousand rubles, and from Irkutsk - about 37 thousand rubles.

Note! It is better to purchase a ticket in advance, since depending on the number of days remaining before departure, the cost may change by more than 2 times.

Beaches and the sea

China is buried in exhaust gases and emissions of heavy industry, in most cities there is heavy smog, which cannot be said about Shenzhen, where the water in the sea is clean, environmentally harmful factories are located in other places in the province, motorcycles with gasoline are prohibited. The city is buried in green parks and an abundance of vegetation, so ideal conditions for life and relaxation are created here. Standing on the coast, it simply cannot be endowed with an abundance of places for sunbathing and swimming. In Shenzhen, equipped with as many as 12 beaches.

Thanks to the tropical climate, the season here begins in March and lasts until the end of October. In summer, the entire coastal zone is crowded with Chinese, so it’s better to go on vacation in spring or autumn, when free space allows you to take a few photos near blue water, without a crowd in the background. There are practically no foreigners on the coast, due to the fact that the village is not recognized as a tourist, the beaches of Fr. Hainan.

Shenzhen what to see?

In addition to architectural attractions and fascinating places of entertainment, the city has special hiking trails, one of the most interesting is climbing Mount Utunshan.

If you came in search of the best places for shopping, you should know where the largest markets and shopping areas are. In Shenzhen, there is the office of the largest search engine in China, the headquarters of the famous telecommunications companies, whose products have already gained popularity in most countries of the world and manufacturers of electronics that are widely exported to our homeland. Almost all smartphone models are assembled here, including the iPhone. High-tech center of intellectual products - Shenzhen will be a great place to buy a new gadget.

Utunshan mountain

Although the peak is not high - only 973 meters, it is a pleasure to climb it - on the way tourists meet several bubbling waterfalls, enjoy impressive views of the city and fluffy snow-white clouds enveloping the space.

Shenzhen Huachianbei Electronic Market

It is not surprising that in the heart of the city with a high density of factories for the manufacture of machinery and electronics there is the largest market for such goods in the country - Huachianbey. Here you can purchase original products and high-quality fakes of world brands, which are sometimes even better than an expensive counterpart. Many foreign citizens come to Shenzhen and settle near the trading pavilions in order to conduct business, sending goods for sale to their homeland. In addition to ready-made accessories, they sell on the market any spare parts and components for collecting phones, laptops, tablets, etc. at very attractive prices.

Airport and transport

Having bought gifts for themselves and loved ones, the question arises as to how best to leave the borders of Shenzhen. The city’s airport is impressive - it is made in the form of an airplane and there are flights from it to all the settlements of China, and their prices are several times lower than from neighboring Hong Kong and other major megacities. There are direct flights towards Southeast Asia, but if you need to get to Russia or nearby points on the map, you will have to travel with transfers.

Railway stations of the city

Be careful when buying train tickets, pay attention to the name of the final destination - in the city there are 4 stations: “Severny”, “Vostochny”, “Lohu”, located at the intersection of the metro lines Blue and Violet and, least used by tourists, “Zapadny ".

The main interesting places of the city can be viewed using any type of transport, but it is most convenient to do this by metro, whose network is 11 lines. A green line connects the airport building and Luohu Station, where the border with Hong Kong is located. The journey time from final to final is no more than 120 minutes. On this thread you will find:

  • Theme Park Window to the Windows World
  • OST with numerous parks and nightlife,
  • Chegongmiao Temple,
  • Convention Exhibition Center,
  • Bolshoi Theater and much more.

An orange branch is suitable for you if you arrived in Shenzhen by water. It starts from the port and passes by the best shopping centers and sea restaurants of the city.

The metro ticket is presented in the form of a green plastic round chip of a small size - a token.

This ticket must be kept until the end of the stay in the subway, as it is used at the exit.

Buses and taxis

The bus network of the city is well developed, the frequency of stops makes it possible to comfortably travel anywhere in the city. At all stations, there is a placard with a list of stopping vehicles, where you can see route numbers and movement schedules. Buses run often and regularly, but if you are late - use the quick alternative - a motorcycle that acts as a taxi - it will take you to the point, immediately circling all the traffic jams.

The fare increases in proportion to the distance covered and is made using a smartphone, if it supports the corresponding functions.

In Shenzhen, several taxi options are available at once:

  • The city taxi fleet is represented by green cars for movement inside the Baoan area and a red tint for calls throughout the metropolis. The starting price in the first is 6 yuan, and in the second - from 10 yuan. Almost all drivers know English, so problems with explaining the path should not arise.
  • Taxis Uber and Didi are better to use if you plan to tour outside the village - travel to them is a little cheaper. To call this type of transport, it is better to use the help of a Chinese resident, since the application works exclusively in the local language. Payment is also made through payment systems in China.

Interesting! In a free taxi there is always a green backlight, in a busy one it is red.


The Chinese city of Shenzhen is not like any other metropolis of the Middle Kingdom. It harmoniously combines high-tech industry, attractions, entertainment, beaches and picturesque nature. It is fresh and clean, since it was originally built as a city of the future for the young generation; here they take care of a clean environment and favorable environmental conditions. The largest Chinese manufacturers of technology, electronics and Internet resources have placed their headquarters, shopping centers here. Markets are full of proposals for the purchase of gadgets, clothes and other accessories. Modern, colorful, original and unusual Shenzhen is one of the best cities in the country for an unforgettable trip.

Attractions Shenzhen

The site contains sights of Shenzhen - photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in Shenzhen, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places of Shenzhen.

Xionghin Tower

Xionghin Tower is a beautiful 384-meter skyscraper located in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. It is the highest steel structure in China, and in 1996, at the time of completion, it was the highest skyscraper in the country. Xionghin Tower consists of 69 floors, most of which are reserved for offices.

At the top of the skyscraper is equipped with a beautiful observation tower. There is also a parking lot and the Passage shopping complex on the construction site. The complex is equipped with escalators, five freight and two passenger elevators. The total area of ​​the structure is 4900 square meters.

In front of the skyscraper there is a small platform equipped with comfortable benches. The business elite of the city often gathers here to chat in the fresh air before going to the office. In 2015, it is planned to carry out a major reconstruction of the structure, as a result of which it is planned to expand the usable area, as well as update the internal and external decoration.

Shenzhen Railway Station

Shenzhen Railway Station is a railway station located near Luohu City, Shenzhen District, Guangdong Province, China. It is located between mainland China and Hong Kong, and is the link for high-speed trains heading to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin and Fuzhou. The station was built in 1912, and only eighty years later it was reconstructed. In 1992, the building of the new station was commissioned.

Currently, the station is a modern two-story building that meets all the requirements of passenger traffic.

On the ground floor of the station there are two exits to four railway platforms, ticket offices, a waiting room and several exits to the city: to the metro station, taxi and shuttle buses.Near the waiting room it is difficult not to notice a cozy cafe where you can have a bite to eat while waiting for the train. On the second floor there are booking offices for pre-sale tickets, two waiting rooms (north and south), one VIP room. Next to the preliminary cash desks there is a luxurious restaurant serving dishes of Eastern and European cuisine. About 100 high-speed trains pass through the Shenzhen Railway Station daily to various destinations in China and abroad.

What sights of Shenzhen did you like? Next to the photo area there are icons, by clicking on which you can evaluate this or that place.

Luohu Commercial City Shopping Center

Luohu Commercial City is a five-story shopping center in Luohu City, Shenzhen District, Guangdong Province, China. It is one of the most famous shopping malls in the country because of its convenient location - right across the road from Shenzhen Railway Station.

Here is a wide assortment of all kinds of goods, including DVDs, watches, bags, clothes, shoes, souvenirs, toys and fabrics. This is a market, and the initial prices here are several times overpriced, and Chinese entrepreneurs are incredibly stable, especially with foreigners. And only after a fair bargaining, the buyer can make the price more acceptable.

Many sellers speak English, so buying and selling is carried out without the problem of a language barrier. On the third floor of the shopping complex there are two huge jewelry stores, here everyone can choose something to their taste. On the fourth floor there is an atelier for tailoring clothes, where you can order an outfit from the fabric you just bought.

If visitors get tired of the endless bustle of the shopping center, they can visit the cozy restaurant, in which Chinese cuisine is mixed with Western, it is located on the fifth floor of the building. Luohu Commercial City is very popular among Chinese people and foreign tourists.

In photo mode, you can view sights in Shenzhen only by photos.

Amusement Park "Window to the World"

Window to the World is a theme park located in the western part of Shenzhen, China. Its construction was completed in 1994, the total area is about 48 hectares.

The Window to the World is divided into several sections: Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa and the American Region, as well as the Peace Sculpture Garden and International Street. It has collected 130 reproductions of famous tourist attractions from around the world, including the Egyptian pyramids, the Temple of Amun, the Arc de Triomphe of France, the Grand Canyon of the United States and Angkor Wat Cambodia. They are in detail and naturally reconstructed in accordance with real objects in the proportions of 1: 15, 1: 5, 1: 1.

For example, Niagara Falls in miniature is 80 meters wide with a fall height of 10 meters - this impressive sight will not leave anyone indifferent. The Eiffel Tower is three times higher than in the theme park - in reproduction its height is 108 meters. Inside the tower there is an elevator where visitors can climb to its top to admire the beauty of this miracle park. Also in the park there are three huge attractions with different themes, a ride on which you can get an unforgettable experience.

“Window to the World” is striking in its beauty and uniqueness. Having visited this park once, I certainly want to come back here again.

Amusement park Minsk World

Minsk World is a military theme park, which was opened in May 2000, and includes the huge Soviet aircraft carrier Minsk, transformed into a tourist attraction.

The aircraft carrier Minsk was part of the Pacific Fleet. As a result of a major accident, it was supposed to be decommissioned, but in 2006 the aircraft carrier was auctioned for more than $ 20 million.

Currently, Minsk World is a beautiful park in which the fighting spirit of that time was preserved. Here you can stroll around the deck, look into the crew cabins and the hangar, which are presented on the aircraft carrier as exhibits.

All personnel are dressed in military uniforms so that visitors can fully plunge into the atmosphere of a warship. This is a great opportunity to study military life and history. An important attraction of the park is the “Golden Beach”, which combines stunning nature and the fighting spirit of an aircraft carrier.

Minsk World, with its beautiful scenery, is an integral component of the eastern beach of Shenzhen.

Park "Ethnographic Village"

Ethnographic Village Park is located next to the China Miniature Park. Both parks can be visited with just one ticket.

The village of folk culture covers an area of ​​about 200 thousand square meters and represents 24 national minorities that talk about ethnic costumes, about the kitchen, about the peculiarities of the language and habits, show various village residential buildings. In addition, you can even try the food: the park offers unique dishes of different cultures. Each village consists of a museum, an entertainment center and staff accommodation.

Also in the park are dancing and musical performances. Dancers and acrobats dress up in various colorful costumes for an unforgettable show. Also in the park there is an opportunity to see fighting horse shows and a fashion show.

Park "China in miniature"

Park "China in Miniature" is considered one of the largest parks in the world: here the authors completely reproduced the whole country with the sights, life and life of local residents, their history.

A park with an area of ​​about 300 thousand square meters will show tourists 15 times reduced China: here you can see the Chinese Wall, Taishan Mountain, Temple of Heaven, Huangoshu Falls, the grave of Genghis Khan, Confucius Temple, Lake Xihu, 13 tombs of the Ming Dynasty and other attractions of the country . In addition, in the park you can learn more about Chinese wedding and funeral traditions, about the sacrifices in the Temple of Heaven, about the honoring of Confucius, etc.

In total, the park has about 100 miniatures of the main attractions. Also there are more than 50,000 ceramic figures of people and animals, telling about the life of different nationalities. There are also thematic corners dedicated to the art of landscape in the park.

SEG Plaza Skyscraper

SEG Plaza is a skyscraper located at the intersection of Shennan and Hua Qiang Bei Boulevards in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Its construction was completed in 2000. The skyscraper consists of 72 floors above the ground and 4 floors underground. Its height is 356 meters, the total area is 170,000 square meters.

Four underground floors are occupied by parking from 1st to 3rd - this is the market for SEG electronics, finished products and spare parts, which are in great demand in the international market. From the 4th to the 8th - there are shops selling computers and accessories. On the 9th and 10th floors of the SEG Plaza there are gastronomic centers and oriental restaurants where you can enjoy fine cuisine. The 11th and 12th are the food center for the administration and European restaurants. Various offices occupy the 13th to 49th floors, of which: the 19th, 34th and 49th - emergency floors. From the 50th to the 68th floors are occupied by "hotels in the sky", from the windows of which a very beautiful panorama of Shenzhen and its environs opens.

The 69th floor is an observation deck, the 70th and 71st are technical floors. On the 72nd floor there is a helipad. SEG Plaza is a bewitching view of the skyscraper of China, which, rising above Shenzhen, attracts tourists and visitors to the city.

The most popular sights in Shenzhen with descriptions and photos for every taste. Choose the best places to visit famous places of Shenzhen on our website.

The importance of the city in the modern world

Shenzhen - translates as "deep drainage or moat." Indigenous natives gave the city a name in honor of the irrigation canal system for the fields on which rice is grown. The first mention of the name of this modern city dates back only to 1410.

The city is located at the headwaters of the Pearl River. Shenzhen has common borders with cities: Hong Kong, Dongguan, Huizhou. The pearl river cuts off the city of Shenzhen from the cities of Macau and Zhuhai.

Geographical coordinates:

  • Latitude: 5455400 °
  • Longitude: 114.0683000 °
  • Height above sea level - 4 meters.

Until the III century BC. e. there was only a small fishing village on the site of the modern prosperous city of Shenzhen. After this area the Chinese colonizers settled. They put in a stream the extraction, processing and distribution of salt in these surroundings. The sprawling settlement became the center of the salt industry.

Under the rule and control of the Han Dynasty, these lands remained under the auspices of the current emperor. During the reign of the Jin Dynasty, a small county - Bao'an - was organized on the land of Shenzhen. He was also part of Dongguan. At that time, when the Yuan dynasty came to power, pearl mining began in this region.

China, after the long-awaited completion of the Sino-Japanese and civil wars, was going through hard times. The development of the city and investment in it began in 1979. It was then that Deng Xiaoping city of Shenzhen was recognized as one of the most important of the economic areas.

Climate, air temperature

The location of the settlement belongs to the subtropical climate. The city of Shenzhen is characterized by mild, sunny winters and quite hot summers with high humidity. Precipitation in this area falls all year round, their level is approximately 2000 mm per year.

The average air temperature is 22 - 23 ° C. Heavy rains occur from early June to August.

From July to September, the city is often exposed to the destructive forces of typhoons. The most comfortable period for visiting Shenzhen is from the beginning of October to February (inclusive).

From March to May, weather conditions are notable for their instability. Mostly, dry and fairly warm weather prevails.

Shenzhen has a pretty long summer. It starts in July and ends with the arrival of October. The weather is very hot and humid due to constant thunderstorms. Thunderstorms, for the most part, happen in the afternoon. The hottest months are July and August. During these months, air temperature reaches 40 ° C. The average temperature is 34 - 35 ° C.

Autumn starts from mid-October to December. The city is pretty cool. The usual temperature here is about 23 ° C. This time is considered the most suitable for visiting the city.

The winter in Shenzhen is quite short. Its duration is only from January to February. The weather is calm and clear. For planning a vacation in Shenzhen, autumn and winter are perfect. Temperature data range from 14 to 19 ° C.

The dry season in the city lasts from October to March. During this period, precipitation is not more than 100 mm. January is the least wet of the months, only about 30 mm of precipitation falls. There are still rains, but rarely enough - about 1 time per month. However, the humidity in the dry season is still high, it varies from 70 to 80%. In the morning, the city is always foggy.

Shenzhen (given that it is a fast-growing city) has a very high standard of living. The city is on the 5th place (among the cities of China) in terms of population growth rate, based on information from the UN. The 2010 census (which is also the last one) showed that the number of residents in and around the city is almost 10,360,000.

According to the results of this calculation, Shenzhen received the status of a city of sub-provincial significance. Although even 10 years before the last count of the population, the number of residents in the city slightly exceeded 7,000,000. The number of immigrants in the city significantly prevails over the number of indigenous people.

Among residents in the city, English and Cantonese are very common. Dapan is also popular - it is a combination of hakka and Cantonese dialects. Like most Chinese, the residents of Shenzhen are quite noisy. They used to speak very loudly and quickly.

The concepts of the Chinese about decent behavior in society and education are fundamentally different from the generally accepted norms in Europe. Many tourists who visited the restaurant noted that the Chinese are rather sloppy and careless at the table. This picture is aggravated if they visit public places with children, since it is not customary for the Chinese to raise a child under 5 years old.

Kitchen Features

According to statistics, the Shenzhen people spend nearly 1 billion yuan per month on meals. Like all Chinese, Shenzhen is very fond of eating. Since the population of this city is mainly composed of immigrants, its cuisine absorbs all the new features of various regions and countries. Among the many culinary trends, it is still precisely Cantonese cuisine that prevails.

To a greater extent, the proximity of Hong Kong contributes to such popularity. Most local meats are preferred in local dishes: chicken, goose, duck and, of course, pork. Also, the diet includes a lot of types of seafood: crabs, scallops, shrimp, oysters.

Among the various side dishes dominate: rice, beans, vegetables, noodles. The main seasoning here is soy sauce. Plum or oyster sauces, black pepper and garlic are also popular.

The sights of Shenzhen are also expressed in the gastronomic sense.

Every guest of this city should try its classic dishes:

  • Char siu - This is a well-pickled (8-24 hours) pork. The most commonly used neck for cooking. Baked pork is so tender and juicy that it is served without sauce.
  • Chicken meatdeep-fried in sweet and sour sauce. There is another option - with shrimp paste.
  • Oysters with Ginger and Garlicsteamed. Sometimes the dish is served with black bean sauce.
  • Shrimp dumplings - juicy shrimp, cooked in a translucent cocoon of dough.
  • Juicy pies "Xiaolongbao" - the filling can be very different, but minced pork is most often used.

Of course, a separate topic is street food. There are several streets of seafood in the city. It is a true gourmet paradise. Directly along the street there are counters with aquariums, terrariums and just boxes with numerous living (mostly) marine inhabitants. In itself, such a sight is a small attraction.

The buyer chooses an appetizing “sacrifice” that appeals to him, after which the chosen one can be prepared there. You can taste the masterpieces of street kitchen at small tables arranged parallel to the counters. Street food prices are relatively small. From the abundance of a variety of delicacies, my eyes run up.

For tea, it is customary for Shenzhen to serve desserts:

  • Bananas in batter and breading - cooked in deep fat. Served with honey and lemon sauce.
  • Herbal Jelly - get it from the fermented leaves of a plant called Mesona chinensis. Previously, the leaves are cooked.
  • Biscuit in the "tiger skin" - it’s the usual “zebra” roll for Europeans, which consists of white and coffee layers of biscuit.
  • Mahua - small braids of dough, fried in peanut butter until crunch. Reminiscent of childhood brushwood.
  • Fenlie-su - small pastry made from shortcrust pastry with pineapple filling.

When to go

Shenzhen, whose attractions attract many tourists, is located in southern China. The most comfortable period for the implementation of the tour in order to visit the excursions begins from October to March. In the afternoon, the air temperature reaches 25 ° C, so just in case it is better to take a spring coat or cardigan with you.

For those who prefer a beach holiday, it is better to visit this city from September to mid-November or from April to May. The weather during these months is quite stable and rarely surprises. The water is warm, on average it warms up from 20 to 27 ° C. The air temperature is also quite pleasant, from 20 to 25 ° C.

Summer is not the best time to visit the city of Shenzhen. Although it is very hot in the summer, frequent typhoons and daily rains do not allow guests to fully enjoy its sights.

Recreation and entertainment

Shenzhen will especially appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. Within the city there are a huge number of thematic entertainment parks, botanical gardens and trading floors. For lovers of admiring the strange animals in Shenzhen is a huge Safari Park.

It is mainly inhabited by vibrant representatives of the fauna native to Africa. This is a very beautiful and well-organized park. Due to its scale, movement in the park is carried out on adapted and protected vehicles. This place perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the African savannah.

Xianhu Botanical Garden is a place that delights absolutely every tourist. The garden is divided into many thematic sectors, which, in turn, are distinguished by their originality. Especially popular is the sector designed specifically for picnics. The most popular park in Shenzhen is the Happy Valley.

Its area is more than 85 hectares. Conventionally, the park area is divided into 4 sectors. Inside the park there is a water park in which there are pools, recreation areas and an uncountable number of diverse slides. A significant selection of sports facilities in the city will not let sports lovers get bored. There are also golf courses. The most famous golf club is Mission Hills Golf Club.

An endless variety of shopping and entertainment venues will appeal to shoppers. KK Mall is perhaps the most unusual of all shopping areas in the city. Under his vault, he gathered a huge number of shops, shops and restaurants.

Guests who prefer a nightlife should definitely visit the Lili Marleen Nightclub. The institution is located in a rather spectacular building and looks very stylish. For fans of beach holidays, the city offers a visit to the picturesque coast.

Shenzhen, whose attractions include beaches, is a good place for a relaxing holiday on the coast. Although there are not so many beaches, they are unique and attractive.

Travelers identify several beaches, considering them the best in Shenzhen:

  1. Da Mei Sha Beach - This beach is considered the main in the city. It is very spacious. The most prestigious hotels of the city have access to it. For the most part, this beach is open for free access. Its length is almost 2000 m. The beach is divided into several sectors: a sports zone, equipped with exercise equipment and playgrounds, a zone specially designed for swimming, a grill zone or a barbecue area.
  2. Xiao Mei Sha Beach - A beautiful, comfortable beach with all amenities. There are not as many visitors on this beach as on Da Mei Sha. Admission to Xiao Mei Sha is paid, approximately 25 yuan. But they are compensated by original acrobatic and dance performances and other festive events.
  3. Xi Chong Beach - This is a wild beach with a magnificent sandy beach, away from the bustle of the city. The coast offers stunningly beautiful views of the nearby islands. This place is very attractive for snorkelling enthusiasts.

Shenzhen window of the world

In one place here you can see copies of world famous attractions:

  • Terracotta warriors
  • Eiffel Tower,

Shenzhen has its own Eiffel Tower, which is located in the Shenzhen Window of the World.

  • Egyptian pyramids,
  • Great Wall of China
  • Indian Taj Mahal,
  • Big Ben,
  • Roman Coliseum,
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • White House,
  • St. Mark's Square,
  • St. Basil's Cathedral,
  • Notre Dame and many other objects.
  • What to see in 1 day

    The area of ​​theme parks in Shenzhen is simply huge. In one day you can go around 1 or 2 parks maximum.

    A placeBus numberMetro station / exitCNY costWorking hours
    1Theme Park “Window of the World”232, 230, 223, 222, 2010, 209, 204, 201, 113, 105, 26, 21Window of the World / I and J14009:00 22:30
    2Splendid china theme park329, 328, 324, 113, 70, 101, 1.Overseas Chinese Town Huaqiao Cheng Station / D18009:00 18:00

    What to see in 2-3 days

    To the above mentioned places of visits, you can add some more interesting objects that you definitely need to visit.

    A placeBus numberMetro station / exitCNY costWorking hours
    3Chinese folk culture village330, B-683, 3, M-435, 8, M-401, 18Overseas chinese town / d20009:00 2100
    4Amusement park "Happy Valley"41, 52, 480, 483Sheshan2009:00 17:30

    What to bring as souvenirs

    Pearl jewelry is in great demand: from 60 yuan per thread. The cost of the necklace depends on the size of the pearls. Pearl earrings: from 200 yuan. You can also find very interesting silver items: about 30 yuan. Along with pearls, jade is in demand. The price of jade jewelry depends on the quality of the stone itself.

    On average, a bracelet can cost from 250 to a couple thousand yuan. Jade Beads: From 70 Yuan.

    China is famous for its silk, but fakes are often sold in markets. For example, a robe made of good silk costs from 700 yuan. Often, dishes are brought from China. The cost of a tea set (2 cups and a teapot) starts at 60 yuan. Painting in Shenzhen has a special place. In the village of masters, paintings from 100 yuan can be purchased.

    Tea prices in China start at 20 yuan and have no limit. Travelers are also fooled by buying ordinary weed grass in beautiful boxes. Since Shenzhen is one of the most developed cities in China, one of its main attractions is the presence of numerous markets for cheap electronics of famous brands.

    However, tourists often fall into deception, acquiring low-quality equipment. It is better to acquire some minor small things. For example, a portable USB fan costs only about 30 yuan. Also in the malls you can find excellent fakes of famous brands of watches, from about 50 yuan.

    Author: pazyzy1991

    Article design: Lozinsky Oleg

    Sea World (海上 世界) in Shenzhen

    Without a shadow of doubt - the most suitable place for a family vacation. A ship built on land, surrounded by streets of restaurants, cafes and bars with live music, as well as a newly built huge shopping center.

    Here you will find amazing singing fountains:

    Monday - Thursday and Sunday 19:00, 20:00

    Friday, Saturday and holidays 19:00, 20:00, 21:00

    This place will not only surprise you not only with the variety of cuisines, entertainment and architecture, but also with the number of foreigners whose concentration in this area is simply stunning. Thanks to this, all bars and restaurants speak English.

    Literally 20 minutes from the convulsing street of alcohol and nightly entertainment, the Shekou Pier is located. From here you can sail to Macau, downtown and Hong Kong Airport. Sometimes this is the fastest and most convenient option to get to Hong Kong Airport: there are no traffic jams and the time to cross the border is very short, because ships will not wait.

    Address: 深圳 市 南山 区 望 海路 1128 号 海上 世界 (Line 2, Sea World station, exit A)

    The old center, the famous clothing market and food street (Dongmen and Laojie / 东门 和 老街) in Shenzhen

    Countless shops of clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics. They are everywhere: above the ground, underground, around food, woven into the subway passages - it’s very easy to get lost from the habit. If you like to bargain - this is heaven on earth. Remember that here you are not allowed to measure clothes that are worn on a naked body (trousers, shirts, t-shirts, etc.), quality things are not cheap and, of course, do not forget to bargain!

    The first in Shenzhen McDonald's with the famous typically Asian roof with corners bent to the sky. If you look from afar, it looks like an ancient giant among small anthills.

    Here you will find an incredible amount of food: streets and nooks and crannies, small cafes, street food, for which there are huge lines and for the sake of which they come to the other end of the city.

    Be prepared for a noisy crowd and shouting at the locals, because on average there are up to 300 thousand people a day.

    Laojie - 老街 (Line 1.3, Laojie station, any exit.)
    Dongmen - 东门 步行 街 (Line 1, Laojie station, underground exit)

    Shenzhen Window of the World / Park

    48 hectares of land and 130 mini-reproductions of famous world landmarks, the pearl of which, of course, will be the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees. If you have no time to travel the world, the most popular tourist destinations can be visited in one day and for 210 yuan.

    Right next door is 锦绣 中华 民 парк Park, where you can see the performances of different peoples of China.

    Address: 深圳 市 南山 区 深南 大道 9037 号 世界之窗 (Line 2, Window of the World station, exit C: Line 1, Window of the World station and exit)

    Guangdong Wutongshan National Forest Garden / 广东 梧桐 山 国家 森林 公园) in Shenzhen

    The highest peak in the vicinity of Shenzhen is Utunshan Mountain (900 meters above sea level), located in the Luohu region in the east of the city.

    The park is located far from the city center outside metro lines in the very east of Shenzhen. If you decide to come here, come early so that more time is left for the inspection.

    Park hours: 07:00-18:00
    Address: 沙头角梧桐路2002号广东梧桐山国家森林公园

    Botanical Garden (Fairy Lake Botanical Garden / 深圳 仙湖 植物园) in Shenzhen

    A huge park, very well maintained and comfortable, with beautifully decorated theme areas.

    From the entrance to the park for 3 yuan, you can take a bus to the starting point of the inspection, and there you can use a minibus (10 yuan). There are lotuses and water lilies, a peach orchard, a stunning stone forest. Nearby is the paleontological museum, which will be very interesting for children. Paid entrance.

    The park has cafes and shops with food, drinks and souvenirs.

    Park hours: 06:00-21:30.
    Free admission: 06:00-08:00, 18:00-21:30
    Address: 广东省深圳市罗湖区莲塘仙湖路160号

    Evergreen Resort (青青 世界) in Shenzhen

    A beautiful and lovely park full of entertainment and truly interesting installations: a rainforest with dinosaur statues, a farm with butterflies, a ceramic pavilion, a garden with vegetables and fruits, where children and parents can see not only how and where the usual vegetables grow, but and tropical fruits and berries, a flower garden where you can buy flowers and plants grown from seeds, as well as everything for the garden and care for it.

    Working hours: 08: 30-18: 00 (tickets can be bought until 17:30)
    Price: 75 yuan / adult, 40 yuan / children and seniors
    Address: 广东省深圳市南山区月亮湾青青路1号

    COCO PARK (购物 公园) in Shenzhen

    Here are concentrated shopping centers, bars, clubs.

    Shopping Park (购物 公园) - 3/1 metro line station Shopping Park exit B

    星河 COCO PARK - 3/1 metro line Shopping Park station exit C

    Central Walk (怡景 中心 城) - 4/1 metro line Convention & Exhibition Center Station Exit B

    WONGTEE PLAZA (皇 庭 广场) - 4/1 metro line station Convention & Exhibition Center exit C.

    Bars: Viva, Pepper club, ZAZOO live (live music), VIIVIVI 766 Cocktail & Whiskey, Mokihi, The HAPLOID (Cocktail bar), BlaBlaBar 奈 雪 酒 屋 and many others.

    Address: 深圳 市 福田 区 民 田路 138 号 (Line 1 and LIne 3, Shipping park station)

    Shenzhen HuaQiangBei Electronic Market / 华强 北

    The market is staggering in its scale; it is a whole complex of buildings specializing in electrics, electronics and spare parts. Both representatives of production facilities and resellers are present on the market. The higher the floor where the outlet is located, the lower the price. Wholesale warehouses are located on the upper floors of shopping centers and retail outlets located on floors below take products from these warehouses for subsequent sale in retail or in small wholesale.

    How to get there: Metro line 2 and 7.

    The best electronics markets in Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen

    • Radio market and accessories market “SAIGE” (赛格 通信 市场)

    Here you will find many shops from manufacturing plants, whose offices occupy the upper floors of the building. By the way, goods are sold reluctantly, especially parts. Sometimes sellers may refuse to sell if you take in retail (less than 1,000 or 10,000 units at once).

    Address: 华强北路1034号赛格工业大厦赛格康乐通信市场(华强北路店)

    • Security Systems Market “TAIPINYAN” (太平洋 安防 专业 市场)

    This market has gathered everything for the organization of security systems: surveillance cameras, doors, everything that may be needed when organizing the building security system.

    Address: 广东省深圳市福田区振中路175号京华大院3栋太平洋安防专业市场

    • MINTON Digital Market (明 通 数码 城)

    MINTON is a market of telephones and mobile equipment. Here are hundreds of outlets in which they sell any phones and smartphones wholesale and retail.

    Address: 广东省深圳市福田区华发北路23号明通数码城

    • Tablet PC Market “SANDA” (桑达 电子 通讯 市场)

    “SANDA” is a building on 2 floors where they sell tablet computers and any accessories for personal computers (PCs) of all models. The largest variety of tablets in Shenzhen.

    Address: 华发北路44-1号桑达电子通讯市场(桑达大厦西北)

    • Spare Parts Market for Tian Di Ton Cell Phones (通 天地 通讯 城)

    “Tian Di Tone” (translated from Chinese: “connect heaven and earth”) is a market in Shenzhen where they sell spare parts for mobile phones and smartphones of all models. Here you can buy the necessary parts to assemble your iPhone.

    A passage through the market (200 meters) takes 30 minutes. There are always a lot of people here and wholesale purchases are welcome. Paradise for owners of salons for repairing smartphones and other gadgets.

    Address: 深圳市福田区深南中路2071通天地通讯城(深南大道店)

    • “FEYANG” - the market for used mobile phones and smartphones (通 天地 通讯 (飞扬) 市场)

    If you want to buy an iPhone, iPad or any other gadget (original, refurbished, fake), then take a look at the FEYANG market. They repair, reflash, resell mobile phones and tablets. Any phone can upgrade for a modest fee.

    I am sure that you have not yet seen how the iPhone 6 is being remade into the iPhone 7 before your eyes. Visit this market - you will see.

    Address: 广东省深圳市福田区华发南路60号附近通天地通讯(飞扬)市场

    • Yuanwang Digital Market (远望 数码 商城)

    Yuanwang Digital Mall ("Yuanwang") - the world of mobile technology. This is the market for hundreds of shops clogged with smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other gadgets. It is famous for the fact that here you can buy smuggled smartphones and gadgets iPhone, Samsung, HTC and other well-known brands at the lowest prices.

    The quality of all gadgets must be carefully checked, because there is a risk of running into a fake. In this market, it is not possible to recognize a fake at a price. Because prices are low even for original smartphones that were stolen from manufacturing plants, as well as for fake ones.

    In the Yuanwang market, you can find a beta version of the next iPhone, which is not yet on sale.

    Address: 广东省深圳市福田区华强北路2006号华联发综合楼大厦远望数码城

    Beach, sea, palm trees in Shenzhen

    Shenzhen stretched along the coastline, which means there is where to swim and sunbathe.

    The most popular beaches of Shenzhen: Dameisha (大 梅沙), Xiaomeisha (小 梅沙). They are located away from the city and the trip takes from 1.5 hours ..

    Sichyun (溪 涌), Shuytousha (水头 沙), Sichun (西 冲), Dongchun (东 冲). They are still an hour away from Dameish (大 梅沙) further to the East.

    If you plan to visit city beaches during the holidays and weekends, then be prepared to see hundreds of thousands of citizens and visitors. However, if you move away from the places of general congestion by only a hundred meters, the number of people around is sharply reduced.

    For those who want a relaxing holiday, you can consider one of the remote suburbs like Huizhou (惠州). Food prices here are slightly higher than city prices, but the situation contributes to relaxation, and water quality is better than near the metropolis. And although there are not so many entertainments in the bays at Huizhou, it is better to go for 3-4 days, excluding weekends.