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Concert hall "Benidorm Palace / Benidorm Palace" is one of Benidorm's most visited attractions. Having opened for the first time to the audience on the evening of July 12, 1977, it quickly became popular among connoisseurs of cultural leisure. A few years after the opening, it became one of the most popular and almost the only concert hall on the entire peninsula, which had a fairly high level by European standards of that time. The great opera stars of those years, famous orchestras and ballet troupes performed on the stage of Benidorm Palace, which only increased the authority and significance of the concert hall in the eyes of art lovers. In 1990, the leadership of Benidorm Palace was changed. However, this did not affect the quality of the performances, and the popularity of the concert hall continued to grow.

Today, more than one hundred employees of the concert hall are doing everything possible and impossible so that every evening the concert hall opens its doors to the magical world of stage art. Benidorm Palace is trying to select its repertoire in such a way as to please anyone, even the most demanding audience. In his repertoire, various dance, acrobatic, comedy and musical productions alternate, which allows you to reach the largest possible number of spectators. The fact that everyone can find in the Benidorm Palace repertoire the performance that best suits his preferences and taste only increases the popularity of the concert hall.

In the concert hall "Benidorm Palace" you can not only watch the show, but also have dinner. Viewers are presented with a unique opportunity to try the culinary masterpieces of the local chef and his assistants. The quality of the kitchen also plays a significant role in terms of the popularity of the concert hall. It hosts various corporate events, banquets and, of course, concerts with the table set.

Tickets for the concert hall can be purchased both at the box office of the city, and via the Internet.

Brief characteristics of the concert hall:
Seating capacity - 1660 (visibility of the scene from anywhere in the hall)
Lighting effects and lighting - 1,500 channels (power 250,000 W)
Sound 5.1 - 52 channels (power 15.000 W)
LCD projector - 4.700 lux.
Projection Laser Systems - 7

Dates and times:
June August:
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat
The dinner starts at 21:00 (the recommended arrival time is 20:30), the show starts at 22:00.
September - May:
Tue, Thu, Fri and Sat
The dinner starts at 21:00 (the recommended arrival time is 20:30), the show starts at 22:00.
Smoking in Benidorm Palace is completely prohibited.

Cost of visit:
1. Show Benidorm Palace + Dinner Menu Gran Palace Plus (5 dishes for 1 person, 1 bottle of Navarra or Rioja wine and sparkling wine Cava Codorniu for two), tables in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd row in the center:
Adults - 53 €
Children under 13 years old - 23 € (special children's menu).
2. Show Benidorm Palace + Dinner Menu Gran Palace (4 dishes for 1 person, 1 bottle of Navarra wine and sparkling wine Cava Brut for two):
Adults - 44 €
Children under 13 years old - 23 € (special children's menu).
2. Benidorm Palace Show:
Adults - 27 €
Children under 10 years old - free of charge.

Official site Benidorm Palace:

Options for visiting Benidorm Palace

  • Gran Palace Plus Menu - 59 €
  • Gran Palace Menu - 49 €
  • Show and 1 drink - 29 €
  • Special children's menu - 25 € (Children under 10 years old - show for free)

Gran Palace Plus Menu

  • Foie gras with quince and toast
  • Special soup from the chef with croutons
  • Norwegian smoked salmon with lettuce and pickled shrimp
  • Grilled steak with spicy sauce and side dish.
  • Dessert Gran Palas Plus
  • The menu includes a bottle of wine for two persons to choose from (red, white or pink) and kava

Gran Palace Menu

  • Fresh vegetable soup (seasonally)
  • Norwegian smoked salmon with lettuce and pickled shrimp
  • Grilled steak with side dish.
  • Dessert Gran Palas
  • The menu includes one bottle of wine for two persons to choose from (white, red or pink) and kava

Where to stay Benidorm Palace + contacts

Avenida dr Severo Ochoa, 13
Tel 96 585 16 60
Tel 96 585 16 61

Benidorm Palace is currently equipped with the latest technology. There are many light installations, LCD projector, laser installations, amazing sound. It should be noted that Benidorm Palace is grandiose in size - in total, it seats 1660 seats, and they are arranged so that you can completely see the scene from absolutely anywhere in the hall.

“When we started working on these unique numbers, we knew that there was a lot of work to do, we needed to completely update the idea of ​​the show so that Benidorm Palace would become even more successful, and we created our own performances, such as:" Hurray for Hollywood ", "Picasso" The color of music "or" Mediterraneum ". Thanks to the changes that took place, Benidorm Palace began to stand out not only on the map of Spain, but Europe» - says Vicente Clement

Preparation for Ielts Kiev

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Dates and times

June to August

  • Tuesday - Saturday.
  • Dinner starts at 21:00. The performance starts at 22:00.

September to May:

  • Tuesday Thursday Saturday.
  • Dinner starts at 21:00. The performance starts at 22:00

You can buy a ticket at the box office or order online. The ticket price is approximately 30-60 euros, and for children there are flexible discounts.

You can get to the hall using bus routes 01, 04, 11, 15, 16, 47 - stop Av. Severo, Ochoa street 15

1. Mediterranean balcony

The balcony of the Mediterranean (Balcon del Mediterraneo) is considered the main attraction of Benidorm. It is located on a cliff between two city beaches: on the left side you will see Levante beach in all its splendor, and on the left side the immense beach of Poniente. There used to be a fortress on this rock, which protected the city from a sudden attack by Berber and Algerian pirates.

Now the Benidorm Balcony is not only an observation deck with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean and skyscrapers, but also a full-fledged architectural masterpiece with a white stone balustrade. There is also a telescope on the observation deck, where you can see the small uninhabited island of Benidorm in the distance. The beautiful panoramic views that open from the Mediterranean Balcony have made it one of the most popular urban tourist destinations.

2. The old city of Benidorm

From the Mediterranean Balcony you can go straight down to Benidorm's next attraction, the Old Town (El Casco Antiguo). This is the busiest part of the city, where there are always a lot of tourists, especially in the summer. Many people visit the Old Town in the evening when the heat subsides and walking along the old streets of Benidorm becomes even more pleasant, and a large number of restaurants and cafes with Spanish cuisine are great for a hearty dinner.

In the Old Town, you will be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere that is inherent in many tourist cities in Spain: music, fun, delicious food and seascapes are around. Be sure to drop by the old castle square (Plaza del Castillo), and from there take a walk along Paseo de Colon to the port of Benidorm.

3. Church of St. Joachim and St. Anne

Another important landmark of Benidorm, located in the Old Town, is the Church of St. Joachim and St. Anne (Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana). This beautiful Catholic church was built in Benidorm in the 18th century (between 1740 and 1780) immediately after the establishment of the new patroness of the city - the Holy Virgin Protector.

The church was built in a neoclassical style with a white facade and ocher-painted moldings and cornices. The temple is crowned with a blue dome, which is one of the typical in Mediterranean Catholic buildings. The church is located on the top of Kanfali hill, you can find the main entrance to this temple in the old city, or rather, in San Jaime Square ().

4. The city beach of Levante

Levante (La playa de Levante) is a beautiful sandy beach in Benidorm, where in the season it is always crowded and lively. The total length of the Levante beach reaches 2 kilometers, but the entire coastline is usually filled with tourists. Therefore, if you relax in Benidorm in the summer and want to take a free deck chair near the sea, it is better to come to the coast early. Levante Beach is located in a completely urban environment and can be easily reached from the hotel on foot. The only negative, which tourists note, is not very convenient entry into the water due to marble tiles.

Levante Beach is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay. In addition, along the beach stretches a long promenade full of restaurants and shops where you can enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of the resort town. In its most central part there is a nightclub and entertainment area where tourists who come to Benidorm love to spend time.

5. The city beach of Poniente

But if you want a less noisy and calm city beach, then it is better to choose Poniente for relaxation. This three-kilometer beach is also located near the old town only in the opposite direction from Levante beach. There are not many vacationers on Poniente beach, so it is suitable for those who do not like noisy places and crowds of vacationers. True, in terms of animation and entertainment, Poniente Beach is also inferior to Levante Beach.

Poniente beach is very wide and extended even in comparison with the beaches of neighboring Spanish cities. It has a well-developed infrastructure, there are areas for sun loungers, playgrounds for children, gates for playing soccer and volleyball net. There are many small restaurants and hotels near the beach, since every summer Benidorm experiences a real tourist boom. From Poniente Beach it is convenient to visit Elche Park, which is located near the coast.

6. Park Elche

Near the old town is Elche Park (Parque de Elche) - the central city park of Benidorm. It is located in the city center, at the end of Colon Street and near the port of Benidorm. This is another ideal place for family and romantic walks: it is calm, quiet and green. A palm alley stretches along the coast, so you can always combine a vacation on the beach and a walk in the park. The park looks especially lively in the evenings and on holidays.

There are many cafes and restaurants in the territory of Elche Park, as well as children's and sports grounds for leisure. In the center of the park you will see a fountain, next to which a flock of white doves spins. It is a good time to enjoy the picturesque city landscapes. And if you want to freshen up, walk to Poniente Beach, which is nearby.

7. Mount Tossal de Cala

If you walk along the beach of Poniente, then at the westernmost point of the city you will see Mount Tossal de la Cala (Tossal de la Cala). This is another attraction of Benidorm within walking distance from the city center, which is definitely worth a visit. Panoramic views of the city open from Mount Tossal de Cala, and thanks to special viewing platforms you can take luxurious photographs of the azure sea and the surrounding countryside.

Climbing the Tossal de Cala mountain is very simple; the lifts are equipped with stairs and comfortable walkways. Upstairs, in addition to viewing platforms, you can see the ruins of the ancient settlement of Iberians Tossal de Cal and the chapel of Hermite Virgen del Mar. By the way, from Mount Tossal de Cala you will notice in the distance into the sea the small island of Benidorm.

8. Benidorm Island

This small wild island is another curious landmark of Benidorm. What to do on the island? Bathe in the warm waters of the bay, sunbathe on a rocky shore, sit in a cozy coffee and try seafood. But the favorite place for tourists on the island of Benidorm was Aquascope. This is a vessel of a special design, where a significant part is located under water (like an iceberg). Aquascope is specifically designed to showcase underwater beauties and marine fauna at shallow depths.

The island of Benidorm can be reached on a comfortable boat from the pier at the very beginning of Poniente beach or from the city port. The cost of the trip is 14 euros for adults and 11 euros for children, you will reach the island in 20 minutes. The ship leaves from 10:00 in the morning, every half hour.

9. L’Aiguer Park

Another attraction of Benidorm, where you can drop by to relax in the natural area, is Parque de l’Aigüera. It was designed by Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill in the 90s. The park is located in the central part of the city and covers an area of ​​120,000 m². Its territory separates the old part of the city from areas of later construction.

The park is an example of neoclassical style. Inside, you can not only walk along the green paths with spreading palm trees, but also see two stands in the form of amphitheaters. They are used for shows, concerts, festivals and cultural exhibitions, especially during the summer.

10. Lookout Gran Hotel Bali

The 4-star Gran Hotel Bali is the tallest building in Benidorm. And even if you are not a hotel guest, you can visit the observation deck, which is located on the 45th floor of a skyscraper. It offers a breathtaking view of the city from a bird's eye view.

The cost of visiting the observation deck is 6 euros (for hotel guests 2.5 euros). At the entrance to the hotel you need to take the panoramic elevator to the 43rd floor, buy a ticket and walk up two more floors. The observation deck is a small open balcony, which stretches along the entire perimeter of the building.

11. Natural Park Serra Elada

Parque Natural de Serra Gelada is a natural landmark located 5 km from the center of Benidorm. The park is a 2 km long asphalt road that goes up towards the top of the cliff where the old lighthouse is located. The park is equipped with viewing platforms, from where a magnificent natural view of the surroundings and the coast opens.

Walking in the park of Serra Elada is a pleasure, in addition, his visit is absolutely free. The park has several routes of different durations, so you can choose one of them depending on the availability of time. If you visit Benidorm in the summer, then in the afternoon the park can be very hot and uncomfortable, so it is better to go to Serra Elada early in the morning or closer to sunset.

12. Concert Hall "Benidorm Palace"

But this landmark of Benidorm can be called the brightest and most impressive, a visit to which will leave an indelible impression on you. Benidorm Palace (Benidorm Palace) is considered the best concert hall on the Mediterranean coast. Several times a week there are delightful colorful shows in the best traditions of cabarets or variety shows. Many people compare Benidorm's shows with Moulin Rouge in terms of level, the organizers are very professional in choosing rooms and shows, so tourists often visit Benidorm Palace several times.

Attendance costs 52-62 euros, which includes a full dinner with drinks and a three-hour colorful evening performance: you are guaranteed to have a great time and want to come back. The ticket can be purchased on the official website, there is a version in Russian for ease of purchase.

13. Amusement park Terra Mitica

Terra Mitica is a huge amusement park, opened for tourists in 2010. This is probably the most exciting landmark in Benidorm, which will appeal to both children and adults. The name of the park is translated as “Land of Myths” and not by chance: the park combines five thematic zones that are located next to each other (Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, the Mediterranean islands). Each zone is decorated in a special style - unique scenery should convey the atmosphere of different eras.

There are 25 attractions in the park, including the most extreme (for example, Inferno, El Vuelo del Fénix, Magnus Colossus). But even if you are not at all adventurous, more calm interesting rides are offered here. In addition, the park regularly hosts shows, performances and theatrical performances. Terra Mitica Amusement Park can be reached from the center of Benidorm in 10 minutes. There are several ticket options from 30 euros.

14. Zoo Terra Natura

Next to Terra Mitica there is another theme park for children and adults Terra Natura. The zoo covers an area of ​​320,000 m² and contains about 1,500 animals of 200 different species, 50 of which are endangered. Zoological Park was opened in Benidorm in 2005. By the way, another natural park Terra Natura is located in Murcia.

The zoo is built on modern technologies, which are to create a natural habitat. The barrier-free environment allows direct contact between visitors and animals and makes it easier to observe them, which makes visiting the zoo very special. Compared to other European zoos, Terra Natura is not so big, but it gives unforgettable pleasure and positive emotions. The cost of visiting the park is 31 euros, many people purchase a combined ticket to visit the Aqualandia water park and the zoo.

15. Waterpark "Aqualandia"

And another very popular entertainment attraction in Benidorm is the Aqualandia water amusement park. This is one of the best water parks in Spain and the largest on the Costa Blanca. Its discovery took place more than 30 years ago, when Benidorm was only gaining popularity among tourists. The water park is located on an area of ​​150,000 m² and includes 16 different attractions for every taste, a luxurious park area with rich vegetation, shops and cafes.

One of the park's newest and most extreme attractions is VertiGo. This is not only the highest slide in Europe, but also the highest slide-capsule in the world. Descent along it lasts only 3 seconds, and the speed of descent down exceeds 100 km / h. The cost of visiting the amusement park is 34 euros, you can purchase a combined ticket for several parks in Benidorm. You can get to the water park by bus from the center of Benidorm in 15 minutes.

16. Park of marine animals and birds "Mundomar"

And another attraction of Benidorm, which will be interesting to both children and adults, is the park of marine animals and exotic birds Mundomar. It is located next to the Aqualandia amusement park, but you can set aside a full day to visit it. Mundomar Park is one of the largest marine animal parks in Spain. It covers an area of ​​60,000 m²; the park also houses restaurants, bars, shops and souvenir shops.

The Mundomar animal park is inhabited by sea lions, dolphins, penguins, meerkats, turtles, lemurs, polar owls, flamingos, parrots and other exotic animals. In addition to observing animals during the day, various interesting animal shows are held in Mundomar. Visitors of Mundomar especially like the ballet performance with the participation of dolphins, which is considered the only one in the world for its beauty and complexity. The cost of visiting the park is 25 euros. It’s more profitable to purchase a joint ticket to visit several parks. When buying online, prices are much cheaper.

17. Valor Chocolate Museum

And all lovers of sweets and families with children should definitely visit the Valor Chocolate Museum. This attraction is located in the town of Villajoyosa, 10 km from Benidorm. Here you can not only enjoy signature chocolate, but also learn the history of Valor, which began with a small family business in 1881, and is now one of the largest chocolate producers in Spain. Valor brand stores and cafeterias are located in most Spanish cities, including Benidorm itself (be sure to check it out).

A visit to the museum is free; excursions take place every hour. The tour includes: a 10-minute video about the production of chocolate, a small museum with devices for making chocolate until the middle of the 20th century, a walk through the factory workshop where chocolate is produced, and a tasting room where you can try several types of chocolate and buy chocolate with you. A walk through the museum is accompanied by an amazing chocolate smell.

18. Castle of Count Alfas

If you like the show and want to plunge into the atmosphere of the Spanish Middle Ages a little, then be sure to visit the Count Alfaz Castle, which is located 3 km from Benidorm. The evening program includes a theatrical performance and dinner. A visit to the show costs 30-60 euros, depending on the type of ticket, you can get to the castle of Count Alfas by bus number 10. Of course, first of all, this attraction of Benidorm will be interesting to children.

The organizers of the show have prepared for you improvised knightly battles on the subject of confrontation between Christians and Moors. You will see a real sight with foot and horse battles, listen to medieval singers and even become participants in a theatrical performance. In the medieval menu, the Spaniards included vegetable soups, fried chicken, pork ribs, sangria and beer. By the way, evening shows in the castle of Count Alfaz can be combined with a visit to a pretty town nearby - Alfaz del Pí.

19. The village of Guadalest

24 km from Benidorm is one of the most popular attractions in the entire province of Alicante. And this is not an exaggeration, Guadalest is a really picturesque place, so do not regret spending one day to visit it. An ancient medieval castle, a green valley, impregnable cliffs, amazing panoramic views, rich history, a lake of amazing emerald look - all this made Guadalest a favorite place for tourists.

A small settlement on this site was created by the Moors in the XI century. On top of an impregnable rock, they built a fortified castle, which is today the main goal of tourists. The fortification includes two fortresses that are open to the public. The castle was recognized as a historical and artistic monument in 1974. Guadalest from Benidorm can be reached by car or public transport.

20. The city of Altea

10 km from Benidorm is the small resort town of Altea, where you can conveniently come for one-day walks. This city is considered one of the most beautiful on the Costa Blanca. The coast is covered with small stones and pebbles, so there are no crowds of tourists in Altea. After the bustling Benidorm, this small, cozy town will delight you with relative peace and tranquility.

What's interesting to see in Altea? Firstly, the Catholic Church Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, which is located on a hilltop and is a symbol of the city. Secondly, the old city with paved sidewalks and narrow streets. Thirdly, the promenade with many restaurants and cafes. You can see the main attractions of Altea in just one day.