Interactive map of Skanes


Here is a detailed map of Nyssa with street names in Russian and house numbers. You can easily get directions by moving the map in all directions with the mouse or by clicking on the arrows in the upper left corner. You can change the scale using the scale with the “+” and “-” icons located on the map on the right. The easiest way is to adjust the image size by rotating the mouse wheel.

Virtual walk

Interactive map of Nisa with attractions and other tourist sites is an indispensable tool in independent travel. For example, in the "Map" mode, the icon of which is located in the upper left corner, you can see the city plan, as well as a detailed road map with highway numbers. You can also see the railway stations and airports marked on the map. Nearby you see the "Satellite" button. Turning on the satellite mode, you will see the terrain, and by enlarging the image, you will be able to explore the city in great detail (thanks to satellite maps from Google Maps).

Transfer the "man" from the lower right corner of the map to any street of the city, and you can take a virtual walk along the Nisa. Adjust the direction of movement using the arrows that appear in the center of the screen. Turning the mouse wheel, you can zoom in or out the image.

Skanes Map

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Cheap Istanbul hotels in the Sultanahmet area near attractions: saving without losing quality

We have two news. Let's start with the good: cheap hotels in Istanbul in the Sultanahmet area near attractions exist. The second news: since we are talking about the most tourist area of ​​the city, there are not very many such hotels and it is better to book them in advance. However, both a few months and a couple of days before arrival, it is very possible to find a free room in them. And three things will help you with this: luck, speed of decision-making and our article about good and cheap Istanbul hotels in the Sultanahmet area near the sights! Yes, and a bank card too.

1. Tan Hotel: a warm tale

As you can see from the name, choosing good and cheap Istanbul hotels in the Sultanahmet area near attractions, we were guided not only by price. Positive reviews were also an important criterion: our list included only those hotels that most tourists liked. The first one is Tan Hotel. This comfortable hotel has a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy the sights that are within easy reach. There is also heating, which is important for tourists who travel to Istanbul in the harsh Turkish winter.

Photos, reviews of tourists, place on the map and current prices:

Cheap Istanbul hotels in the Sultanahmet area near attractions. Pictured: Tan Hotel.

2. Ararat Hotel: on Sultanahmet Square

This surprisingly inexpensive hotel is located directly on Sultanahmet Square, opposite the mosque of the same name (also known as the Blue Mosque). Some windows offer views of this - perhaps the main - Istanbul landmark. Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern are also within walking distance. The rooms are small but cozy, decorated with Byzantine-style paintings. There are Russian-speaking employees. On the roof there is a terrace with excellent views of the sights and the Sea of ​​Marmara.

For such money and with such an arrangement, Ararat Hotel is a real find for any tourist.

3. Nayla Palace Hotel: great location and sea view

Another hotel with an excellent price-quality ratio is right on Sultanahmet Square. By the way, the metro is also very close, you can get directly from Ataturk Airport. Reviews for this hotel (including in Russian) are only the most positive! Quiet, beautiful, cozy - what else is needed for a comfortable stay in Istanbul? Is that the sea view from the room, which also, by the way, opens from many rooms. And at the same time - very, very inexpensive. However, this hotel has different room categories for different money.

Nayla Palace Hotel is located right on Sultanahmet Square.

4. Side Hotel: comfortable and cheap

Side Hotel is another cheap hotel in the very center of Istanbul, next to the Nayla Palace. The Blue Mosque is 300 meters away, and Hagia Sophia is 400 meters away. There is also a hamam, supermarket and tram stop. The rooms are clean and comfortable, the reviews are the most positive. Of course, this hotel has something to complain about, but for the money it would be simply impolite.

5. Meddusa Hotel: silence and convenience

Here is the whole "standard set", which includes almost all the cheap hotels in Istanbul in the Sultanahmet area near the attractions. That is, delicious breakfasts, a terrace overlooking the city and the Bosphorus and friendly, helpful staff. The rooms are clean, small, as, in fact, their price. Located in a quiet street, not far from the hotel - tram stop. For a reasonable price, staff can arrange airport transfers. All in all a very nice hotel. Recommended.

Favorite vacation spot for tourists at the Meddusa Hotel is its terrace with beautiful sea views.

Cheap hotels of Istanbul in the Sultanahmet district near attractions and other hotels of the most beautiful city of Turkey at

Dear readers of Istanbul-hotels-guru! And what cheap hotels of Istanbul in the Sultanahmet area near the sights do you know? Share your reviews with other tourists, your opinion is very important!